From Bestselling Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Author Katerina Martinez

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About The Author

Katerina Martinez is a husband and wife writing duo based out of the sunny rock of Gibraltar. In her decade publishing, Katerina has achieved Bestseller Status on the USA Today list as well as on Amazon, she has sold over a million books, and has received many thousands of 5-star reviews.

Her most recent successes include her bestselling Coldest Fae series, all seven books of which have been made into audio, as well as her Fall of the Lightbringer series which was the focus of a bidding war between several large audiobook publishing companies.

  • Grace


    I truly fell in love with this book series

    This book series hands down amazing. It has tons of laughs, it's a great slow burn, with so many unexpected turns! It’s really such a great book series. Highly recommend!

  • Sharleen


    I think I found my new obsession.

    This is a slow burn romance, well written and character development. Need to get my hands on book 2 because that ending let me hanging!!! I think I found my new obsession.

  • Sarah


    I think I found my new obsession.

    The writing is beautiful and vivid, the main character is relatable and funny without trying to be. And finally a MC whose skill isn't just fighting. The world-building is wonderful, I'm already painting this new Arcadia in my head with the crystal-colored castle, and the characters feel real and fleshed out.